Where You May Find Your Next Client

I think of our company as one that provides reliable service, but I have been recently affirmed in this notion when I began reaching out through social media. The results blew me away.

This summer we launched a new initiative to reach out to our personal connections and see whom we know. It wasn’t a difficult exercise, but required that we take a bit of time each day to engage ourselves on LinkedIn. When we began, our combined list of contacts was small, more indicative of our social networking inactivity than the reality of connections.

As we reached out, we did not merely send out invitations to connect and move on, but we relied on thoughtful engagement, going for as much quality as quantity. Our hope was to connect in a more tangible way; making referrals, endorsements, writing recommendations, and providing readable and relevant content on our website. It was important to us that this experience was less about intrusion for numbers sake and more about benefitting those with whom we connected. In other words; if they benefitted – it would be returned to us.

It didn’t take long to see an impact on our bottom line. New connections led to new conversations, which led to new projects. In short order, we nearly doubled the number of people in our network, and the connections we made gave us a great deal of positive feedback. Here’s one such example:

Whiteboard-IT is extremely knowledgeable, providing innovative IT solutions to help resolve my needs in a timely and cost effective manner. They are available at a moment’s notice and are highly responsive to issues that need to be resolved quickly. Bottom line…they do what they say they will do. I have recommended Whiteboard to other colleagues in a variety of businesses and will continue to do so. I cannot say enough good things about their customer service, technical expertise, and business personality.
Jessica Boroff, RN, BSN
 The Compliance Store

Of course she would not have said these things if we weren’t good at what we do. Her recommendation is now posted on our site, which others will also see. But the renewed activity, including these testimonials, has been a priceless part in priming our sales pipeline. And future clients are more confident when they you have mutual connections.

But it goes to show; If you do a quality work at your trade it’s unlikely that everything has completely dried up, fiscal cliff or not. You may find, as we did, that reaching out out to your connections may be of great benefit. It may also generate a nice return.