New Web Browser releases get put to the test


The competition in the web browsing market has been ratcheted up a notch with the recent releases of Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9, along with Chrome 11 (dev). Everyone has their reasons for picking one over the other. Be it design, simplicity, advanced features, etc. their is no correct way to pick a browser, as long as it’s what you like.

Speed tends to be the most important thing for most users, as well as memory usage (which effects the speed of your machine).  The guys over at Gizmodo (via Lifehacker) ran all the popular browsers through the paces of their custom speed tests.  No surprisingly, IE ends up at the back of the pack.  What did surprise me was this new browser that is at the top of the competition; Opera, and it’s new to me at least.!5784454/browser-speed-tests-firefox-4-internet-explorer-9-chrome-11-and-more

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