Important terms to know when working with us

User Stories

These are single paragraphs that describe the needs of the users, and the way the project will satisfy those needs. User stories define the scope of the project, and they make sure that the scope is about solving a problem, not detailed feature specifications.

Example: As an administrator, I need to create, delete, and modify users and posts, so that I can maintain the integrity of this online community. I should be able to do so with limited technical knowledge.

User Acceptance Testing

This is the testing period in which the client confirms that the app meets the requirements set forth by the final scope.


A low-fidelity digital graphic to judge the flow of a layout or interface. Colors and fonts will often not be finalized in the mockup stage.

Design Comp *

A high-fidelity graphic to finalize fonts, colors, and specific icons & graphics.

* Because full comps take a lot of extra time and work, they are only included at your request.

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