What Was The REAL Score Of The Super Bowl?


Not only have commercials become more centric to the complete Super Bowl experience, they have also become an integral part of the Social Media experience as well. A total of 583,152 Tweets and 650,757 Facebook posts referenced the Super Bowl ads on February 2nd. A shocking 90% of those tweets and posts came from mobile devices, lending credibility to the necessity of businesses to have a mobile presence.

Check out the infographic below for complete metrics:

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New Year, New Trends


2014 is off with a bang – new technology trends are on the horizon! Take a look at how small and medium businesses (SMBs) are planning to make the most of this new year.


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Trends in eCommerce for 2014


Things are changing within the realm of eCommerce. Take a look at the infographic below to check out the trends you should keep an eye on in 2014.

Have a Happy and Productive New Year!

2014-trends-dominating-ecommerceSource: visual.ly


Why We Node (And you Should Too!)


Whiteboard developers were passionate about Server Side JavaScript technologies before Node.js was developed in 2009 and have earned credibility within the core Node community. The rapid growth of Node.js has produced a vast amount of libraries.  Some work well.  Most don’t.  We know which ones work best and use them in our websites.

Take a look at the Infographic below and learn more about why Node is the next big thing!


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Cyber Monday Safety


The Holiday shopping season officially kicks off in a few days and more and more people are turning to the online marketplace to avoid the headaches and hassles of Black Friday. The deep discounts, free shipping offers (and the appeal of shopping in your PJs and fuzzy slippers) have made more and more consumers advocates of the relatively new phenomenon of Cyber Monday.

Unfortunately, with the advent of  this new technological shopping phenomenon has come new type of “cyber criminal” who create even more problems than the jerk who stole your parking spot at the mall. However, by following  the steps illustrated below, you can greatly reduce the chances of your personal data being compromised.  Cyber Shop-Till-You-Drop!



Source: HotSpot Shield