“Gold Standard” Reflected in Apex Valet’s New Website

GretchenB_Apex Valet_100415_043
The Apex Team hard at work

Whiteboard it is pleased to announce Apex Valet’s updated website is officially live!   The site was redesigned by the Whiteboard team over the last few months and now includes new features such as:

  • Responsive design
  • Improved user experience
  • Updated images and graphics
  • Online job application submission
  • Request a quote online

“We wanted a fresh look to showcase all of our services.  Most everyone only knows us as a valet parking company, but we are much more than that.” Joel Dabbs, Owner, Apex Valet

Check out the new site here: http://www.apexvalet.com/


Whiteboard Announces New COO


Jud Englett 2Whiteboard  is pleased  to announce that Judson Englett has joined the team as the Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Englett has spent nearly 20 years leading technology organizations delivering products and services to customers in healthcare, law enforcement, intelligence, marketing, training, logistics and engineering.  His consulting background has included working with large organizations such as Scripps Health, Baptist Health of South Florida, L-3 Communications, the United States  Census Bureau, the United States Departments of State, Homeland Security, and Defense, the Executive Office of the White House as well as, most recently, Influence Health.

Judson is passionate about integrated data systems combined with strong analytical tools.  He believes that most technological challenges experienced today are the result of inefficient workflows or broken operational models that prevent technology from performing effectively for clients. His career has been focused on driving these inefficiencies out of systems, thus helping customers meet their full potential.  This passion also aligns with Whiteboard’s vision to deliver the right technical solution to meet each client’s needs while optimizing financial performance and user experience.

Originally from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Judson has resided in Birmingham, Alabama for the last 4 years with his wife and 3 children. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf and experiencing the recent food, beverage and music explosion in the Birmingham area.


Open for Business: Whiteboard Celebrates New Space Downtown


After months of demolition, renovations, cleanings and inspections Whiteboard it christened its new street-level office space last evening with a VIP reception and ribbon cutting. The office is located in the former A&A Ash Jewelers space on the corner of 20th Street and 2nd Avenue North, in the heart of downtown.

The new design has created a sleek usable space that marries the old and new. The space will be utilized for training and employee collaboration as well as speakers and after-hours meetups. In addition to the open-concept downstairs, the mezzanine level has been glassed in to reveal an office and conference room.

Opening this space helps bring new life and erase one more vacant space as this area continues to expand and revitalize. This move firmly establishes downtown Birmingham as the home for Whiteboard for many years to come.  As one employee stated, Whiteboard is “helping to make Birmingham a growing area for the tech industry.”


Whiteboard Releases Mobile App For Sheffield & Lentine, P.C.

S&L Screenshot2

Whiteboard is pleased to announce the launch of “Sentence Estimator” an iPhone/Android application for its client Sheffield & Lentine, P.C. The app provides easy completion of the sentencing guideline worksheets outlined by the Presumptive and Voluntary Standards Manual. By answering a few simple questions, individuals can get associated Total Sentence and Time to Serve on a Split sentence length and In/Out results. Having the Sentence Estimator app eliminates the need for a manual tally of worksheets and expedites the initial process for legal professionals when meeting with clients. Sheffield & Lentine is proud to share this with the local legal community, while also fulfilling a need for increased technology in this area. Currently the app is only for use in the State of Alabama, but may be expanded depending upon demand. Sentence Estimator was released for iTunes in December and is now available for Droid users as well.

For additional information contact Laura Prewitt, Business Development Manager, 205-588-7102, laura.prewitt@whiteboard-it.com.


Product Specs (iStore)

Product Specs (Google play)

New Year, New Trends


2014 is off with a bang – new technology trends are on the horizon! Take a look at how small and medium businesses (SMBs) are planning to make the most of this new year.


Source: LocalVox


Trends in eCommerce for 2014


Things are changing within the realm of eCommerce. Take a look at the infographic below to check out the trends you should keep an eye on in 2014.

Have a Happy and Productive New Year!

2014-trends-dominating-ecommerceSource: visual.ly


BREAKING NEWS — Whiteboard Fills Long Vacant Storefront

For Immediate Release – 12/13/13:

Whiteboard it, a local custom web development and design firm, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a secondary location in the former A&A Ash Jewelers space on 2nd Avenue and 20th Street North. This location is in addition to their current location on the 10th floor of the Frank Nelson Building, which they will continue to maintain.

Whiteboard is committed to the development of the downtown business district and have begun a complete renovation of the newly leased space, which has remained empty for several years. Renovating this corner of real estate will bring new life and erase one more vacant storefront in this area, which continues to expand and revitalize with support of the community. This expansion will firmly establish downtown Birmingham as the home for Whiteboard for many years to come.

Whiteboard is a member of the Birmingham BBB with an A+ rating and a member in good standing of the Birmingham Business Alliance. For additional information on Whiteboard, please visit https://whiteboard-it.com or contact Laura Prewitt, Business Development Manager, 205-588-7102.

WB Downtown
Whiteboard Founder & CEO Martin Murphy in front of the new location on 2nd Avenue & 20th Street North.


Kris Kowal @ JavaScript Meetup November 7

Whiteboard it, in conjunction with Host Sponsor ITAC Solutions, is excited to announce Kris Kowal will be speaking at our November JavaScript Meetup. This is going to be a great event. Kris is coming to us by way of California, expressly to speak and interact with our group in Birmingham, AL.

The subject of his presentation will be “A Protracted Descent into Madness with Kris Kowal. BYOC”. This presentation is appropriate for all skill levels, and discussion is welcomed!

The Meetup will be Thursday, 7:00 pm November 7th, at ITAC’s Vestavia Office. Please join us for a unique opportunity to “swap development war stories”, learn bleeding edge development tactics and network with some of the brightest minds in Birmingham’s IT community. Food and beverages will be provided. For additional details, please contact Nathan Stott, nathan.stott@whiteboard-it.com.

Kris according to Kris:
Kris Kowal shaves yaks. Around 1999, Kris embarked on a project to bring a multi-player text-based role-playing-game to the web. This involved quite a bit of server-side asynchronous event loop programming in C++ and later Python. He started working on module systems for JavaScript in 2006 and, with the support of Mark Miller and Ihab Awad of Google Caja, presented what would become CommonJS modules in 2009, he also became involved in server-side JavaScript through Narwhal and later Node.js. Around the same time, Kris became familiar with Mark Miller’s work on asynchronous promises, and ported Q to Node.js. He became a full-time JavaScript developer in 2011, joining Motorola Mobility working on the MontageJS MVC framework and created Functional Reactive Bindings. Maybe one of these days he’ll make a web-based RPG.

Thanks to additional Sponsors: Pixsys Technologies, and Command Alkon.

Registration is encouraged, not required. http://www.meetup.com/bhm-js/
Free of Charge