SEO Death by 1000 cuts

Growing up as a technology enthusiast, instant gratification was virtually the only gratification that I sought after. Things that require a longer turnaround such as gardening and dieting have never been my strong suit. As of late I’m recognizing this weakness and attempting to make small behavior modifications to make my life better and make my websites better.

Diets and SEO share some similarities. You can adjust your behavior briefly and see some results but if you don’t continue your efforts then they will be fleeting. It’s fairly easy to get a couple hundred hits by writing a blog article and sending out an email, just like losing that first five pounds typically comes off pretty easily. If you don’t stick to the plan then the weight will come back and the visits will leave you.

Once you or you SEO specialist has completed the basic techniques then your next job is simply to create content, and that means writing pages and blog articles. Blog articles may seem like a waste of time when you are sacrificing time devoted to your business purpose, but they are extremely effective at generating traffic for your site, establishing expertise in your field and developing trust amongst your customers.

Recently, I decided that a once a year redesign of the site is simply not gonna cut it. What our site needs is content. So I decided that once a week all of our staff is going to write blog articles. We’ll future post these blog articles so that they fall roughly one a day during the business week. While RSS is a great way to keep up with your favorite site, most people don’t use it. Most people rely on visiting your site for updated content or email notification of new content. Ask yourself how often you would look at a site on a daily basis for new content before you stopped, if you didn’t see new content for weeks at a time.

The most successful blogs on the web posts daily. It may seem like a monumental tasks, but with the capability to future post and a little help from your staff for 90 minutes a week it can easily be achieved and reap great rewards for your business.


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