Are people more trustworthy now? I say yes… here is why

The general consensus is that Generation Y is less trustworthy than any before it. This is not the case and we are getting a bad rap for a few bad apples. Our entire social graph is online now and in many cases publicly exposed. Our interactions, our relationships and our friends are public record.

Everyone complains about the death of privacy. In another sense, however, it is the birth of accountability. Whether privacy is an inalienable human right is up for debate, but in today’s world it’s much less likely for a con artist to be successful because of our growing reliance on social reputation. In the past a con artist might move from town to town leaving their bad deeds behind them. Now, unless you are willing to assume a new identity and start over, your history will follow. Beware of those that have no history.

In today’s world of interconnectivity and social reputation there is no starting over unless you are in the witness protection program. The more connected you are, the more transparent you are, and the more trusted you will be. Your social reputation demonstrates your trustworthiness. So get out there and be nice to people and don’t be a crook. Today’s world will hold you socially accountable and that’s a price you can’t afford to pay!

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