Kris Kowal @ JavaScript Meetup November 7

Whiteboard it, in conjunction with Host Sponsor ITAC Solutions, is excited to announce Kris Kowal will be speaking at our November JavaScript Meetup. This is going to be a great event. Kris is coming to us by way of California, expressly to speak and interact with our group in Birmingham, AL. The subject of his . . .

What State Are You In?


Breaking News: We’re Partnering with TekLinks!

Breaking News: We’re Partnering With TekLinks!

The Power of Twitter

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Facebook vs Twitter vs Pinterest

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Privacy or Security: One Solution That Can Protect Your Secrets

We all have our secrets. Some we would share, and some we place under lock and key, and it is usually with only our closest ally that we disclose those precious details in hopes of preserving our reputations and even our lives. Notice I don’t say ‘friends,’  because while I have some wonderful friends, some of . . .

The Minimalist Guide To Developing Apps

The other day, I was discussing with William how the enthusiasm for a new project tempts us to rush into a project with a list of features, rather than stopping to make a Wireframe, a very important step that saves much time and aggravation. I’ve never heard of a contractor who builds homes without some . . .

Meaningful Use – The Math behind Health I.T.

The healthcare industry is in a mad rush to get up to digital speeds and to become relevant in the new world of ObamaCare.  The impetuousness came with ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009), when the federal government offered to pay medical practices and hospitals the money to upgrade their Health information technology . . .

Less is More – What’s The Big Idea

When Apple took the world by storm and created the iPhone, it was the device’s simplicity, rather than its complex list of features, that won the day. In technical terms, we call this elimination of unnecessary state; the process of reducing the list of options to eliminate the clutter. Apple understood this concept, and made . . .