Kris Kowal @ JavaScript Meetup November 7

Whiteboard it, in conjunction with Host Sponsor ITAC Solutions, is excited to announce Kris Kowal will be speaking at our November JavaScript Meetup. This is going to be a great event. Kris is coming to us by way of California, expressly to speak and interact with our group in Birmingham, AL.

The subject of his presentation will be “A Protracted Descent into Madness with Kris Kowal. BYOC”. This presentation is appropriate for all skill levels, and discussion is welcomed!

The Meetup will be Thursday, 7:00 pm November 7th, at ITAC’s Vestavia Office. Please join us for a unique opportunity to “swap development war stories”, learn bleeding edge development tactics and network with some of the brightest minds in Birmingham’s IT community. Food and beverages will be provided. For additional details, please contact Nathan Stott,

Kris according to Kris:
Kris Kowal shaves yaks. Around 1999, Kris embarked on a project to bring a multi-player text-based role-playing-game to the web. This involved quite a bit of server-side asynchronous event loop programming in C++ and later Python. He started working on module systems for JavaScript in 2006 and, with the support of Mark Miller and Ihab Awad of Google Caja, presented what would become CommonJS modules in 2009, he also became involved in server-side JavaScript through Narwhal and later Node.js. Around the same time, Kris became familiar with Mark Miller’s work on asynchronous promises, and ported Q to Node.js. He became a full-time JavaScript developer in 2011, joining Motorola Mobility working on the MontageJS MVC framework and created Functional Reactive Bindings. Maybe one of these days he’ll make a web-based RPG.

Thanks to additional Sponsors: Pixsys Technologies, and Command Alkon.

Registration is encouraged, not required.
Free of Charge