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Dr. Lewis Patterson

Senior Developer

Dr. Lewis Patterson started working with computers in 1968. The first machine utilized was an IBM-1130 which had 8 kilo-words (no byte addressing) and 512 kilobytes of disk storage. The language of the day was Fortran. He managed the administrative and academic computing facilities at Birmingham-Southern College for 19 years. The hardware evolved from an enhanced IBM-1130 to an HP-3000. Languages evolved from Fortran to Cobol, C, and assembler.

After several years as a full-time graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lewis obtained a PhD. in Computer Science in 1992 and returned to Birmingham-Southern as a professor. Lewis retired from BSC in May of 2011 and joined Whiteboard as a Senior Developer.

He has been primarily involved at Whiteboard in projects written with Javascript for the Node.js environment. He has also been involved in projects which utilize PHP. These projects employed both SQL and NoSQL database systems.

Dr. Patterson is very comfortable in a Linux environment utilizing languages such as Javascript, Java, and C. He is familiar with other programming languages such as PHP, Python, C++, and functional languages. Database systems utilized include PostgreSQL, MySQL, CouchDB and MongoDB.

Outside of work Lewis enjoys trying to solve problems via programming computers. He also enjoys watching Formula-1 racing and likes to run to relieve stress.