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David Johnson

Associate Developer

David Johnson is an experienced programmer with an undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Computer Science. He began working at Whiteboard as a Junior Developer in January 2013. He is well versed in Java, C++, Python, C Sharp, HTML, PHP and SQL languages and has experience with the OpenGL graphics library.

David began programming while in high school where he took courses in Java, Visual Basic, and internet publishing. In college, he began studying C++ on his own, and took a job with UAB’s Enabling Technologies Lab (ETLab) where he worked with Python, C++ and OpenGL on a NASA project aimed at building models to run through simulations. After the completion of that project, he was hired by the professor who ran ETLab to work with his private company on a similar project. Through these experiences, David learned to work with projects already in development, and learned graphical user interface design. Desiring new experiences, David was hired on as a Junior Developer at Whiteboard where he has grown his understanding of SharePoint web development, and is currently learning the Javascript language. David hopes to work on many different projects here at Whiteboard and continues to expand his knowledge set.

David enjoys spending his spare time working on programming projects mostly focused on game programming, reading, and playing World of Warcraft.