Whiteboard Releases Mobile App For Sheffield & Lentine, P.C.

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Whiteboard is pleased to announce the launch of “Sentence Estimator” an iPhone/Android application for its client Sheffield & Lentine, P.C. The app provides easy completion of the sentencing guideline worksheets outlined by the Presumptive and Voluntary Standards Manual. By answering a few simple questions, individuals can get associated Total Sentence and Time to Serve on a Split sentence length and In/Out results. Having the Sentence Estimator app eliminates the need for a manual tally of worksheets and expedites the initial process for legal professionals when meeting with clients. Sheffield & Lentine is proud to share this with the local legal community, while also fulfilling a need for increased technology in this area. Currently the app is only for use in the State of Alabama, but may be expanded depending upon demand. Sentence Estimator was released for iTunes in December and is now available for Droid users as well.

For additional information contact Laura Prewitt, Business Development Manager, 205-588-7102, laura.prewitt@whiteboard-it.com.


Product Specs (iStore)

Product Specs (Google play)

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