Why Node.js
Node.js is an open source JavaScript framework that allows us to create scalable network applications capable of serving content to meet high peek demand. Building on the strengths of the Node.js platform, Whiteboard-IT structures your Node.js application to be responsive, creating a polished experience for your customers.

Leverage The Power Of Open Source
Since Node.js is open source, there are no licensing fees. Where other platforms generally require licenses to be purchased for everything from the operating system to the database, Node.js works best along side other open source software. This translates to a dramatically lower upfront investment than many competing platforms.

Doing More With Less
Have you ever used a program that forced you to wait for some period of time after performing some task – pausing for a moment before returning control? Generally, this behavior is due to the application performing some series of steps required to complete the task – one step at a time, one after another. With Node.js we are able to provide you with an application that is highly scalable, ridiculously responsive and stable beyond compare. In utilizing asynchronous nature of Node.js, your applications can be designed in a manner that leads to faster and more responsive applications. More requests are handled and more data processed with your valuable system resources.

Who are we?
Whiteboard-IT has been active in the CommonJS movement since 2009. We have contributed to and authored open source libraries for Node.js and CommonJS.

Bogart: a super-fast routing framework for Node.js. See Nathan’s article on
Narwhal-Lib: the best parts of the Narwhal standard library for use on Node.js.
Traits.js: a framework for creating objects based upon composable traits.
Wu: functional programming for JavaScript.
Observable: Publish and subscribe to events in a generic, platform independent way. Used by FirePHP companion.

Proactive Online Chat to increase your sales

Proactive chat is a great way to increase website conversions. The majority of internet users have used chat clients, so a proactive chat client will feel familiar to these users. There is no excuse, start a conversation with your customers on your website today.

Are you wondering why you are hearing from such a low percentage your visitors? It may be because of a poor conversion path. Are you using a contact form? Even with the best contact form, customers worry about being added to yet another mailing list. Internet users are wary of giving out their email addresses for good reason.

How likely would you be to interact with a sales clerk in a store if you had to provide him or her with your drivers license?

Your customers are one click away from your competitors. You must engage them while you have their attention! So how do we overcome the understandable reluctance of customers to give out their email addresses?

So what we needed was a solution which allowed us to communicate with customers without having to collect any personal data. Proactive chat solves this problem by offering the visitor a chance to interact with one of our employees. If the customer does not want to chat, he or she does not have to and can simply ignore the chat box.

On our site, after 20 seconds idle on a page, a chat box pops up. If the customer types in the chat box, one of four designated representatives receives the message and is able to personally assist the customer. The chat is configurable. It can be available on any or all pages. You have control.

There are also “passive” benefits to the chat. When planning a marketing strategy, information is priceless.  Who buys what? Where are they buying it? How often are they buying? Chat boxes like the one offered by SnapEngage live chat offer a multitude of analytic options. Reporting features that give you valuable statistics about visitors, as well as chat summaries and records will shape your marketing strategy. These features provide data that can be used to increase conversion.  A.B.C., Always Be Closing – the more information your sales reps have, the easier this becomes. Integration with existing chat applications such as Skype and AIM make getting started easy. Get your web designer to paste a simple script to your site and you are good go.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get started.  In fact you could be chatting with us as you read right now…