Contribute to the 2011 Japan Crisis

Japanese Red Cross Society

The earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 has devastated Japan: more than 11,000 deaths, over 15,000 missing and 125,000 buildings destroyed. Relief contributions have lagged, while help and assistance are still needed. To that end, Whiteboard-IT is compelled to help and encourages you to as well. Even the smallest donation makes a huge impact.

During the month of April, Whiteboard-IT will contribute 5% of its gross sales to the Japan relief effort.

If you would like to contribute, please visit the 2011 Japan Crisis site and make a donation.

Hide “continue reading” from wordpress

There are many articles out there that give you instructions on how to remove or alter the “continue reading” link that is inserted after the excerpt of a post in WordPress. Most of them go about this task using the extremist method which is removing the function from your theme. Why not use a little css to hide it instead…
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SEO Death by 1000 cuts

Growing up as a technology enthusiast, instant gratification was virtually the only gratification that I sought after. Things that require a longer turnaround such as gardening and dieting have never been my strong suit. As of late I’m recognizing this weakness and attempting to make small behavior modifications to make my life better and make my websites better.

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New Web Browser releases get put to the test


The competition in the web browsing market has been ratcheted up a notch with the recent releases of Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9, along with Chrome 11 (dev). Everyone has their reasons for picking one over the other. Be it design, simplicity, advanced features, etc. their is no correct way to pick a browser, as long as it’s what you like.
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What are RSS feeds and why do I care?

Well let me start off with what I like to call the PUSH vs PULL wars. In the beginning, there was email.

We log onto our email client and hit Send/Receive or we go to our email web client and check to see if we have new messages. (PULL)

Then someone has the great idea to schedule the Send/Receive and a little later, to create a Black Berry. (PUSH) Everybody loves the push until they starting getting over a hundred messages a day and all the sudden the push becomes a little overwhelming because¬†batching is no longer possible and you are no longer effective because you can’t do anything but be interrupted by new mail.

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Website vs Brick and Mortar -Top 10 Benefits

Creating a website can open up opportunities for your business in many different ways. The website can act as an informational portal for both existing and prospective customers. It can function as a billboard designed to bring in and convert new leads. It can be used to produce a community adjacent to your product. The website can be your virtual store, and your marketing tool.  You can use it to analyze trends, identify pricing issues, track and report on your marketing campaigns and coupons. A website can truly be a one size fits all tool for many of the needs of your business.

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API 101 for Businesses

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a way for applications, websites, or embedded devices to communicate with each other and share information.

When should you consider providing an API for your website or product?

Would your customers benefit from having your data on their own website or available on their intranet? Do your customers need tight control over which of their employees or their customers have access to the data and/or content that your website provides?

Would your customers benefit from formatting and/or displaying the information that your website offers differently than your website formats and/or displays it?

Do you want to provide your customers with the ability to resell and/or re-brand your content? An API can be a valuable tool for creating affiliate relationships that will help you find others willing to market your content for you.

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